I’m a design partner for early-stage companies just starting out, and established companies looking to make a leap forward. If it involves software, humans, and the space in-between — I can help you bring it to life, from scratch.

Call it an MVP if you want: it’s the first version of your product that’s real, something you can hand to a friend, and it’s the bridge that connects you with the future. It’s closer than you think.

I can work alone, embed directly with your team, or quickly pull together a handful of specialists to match the challenge — all without the overhead of an agency. No decks, no big reveals, no ego, no funny business. Once we start working together, it will feel like I’m a part of your team, because I am.



MIRROR is a nearly-invisible interactive home gym. I worked with the founding team from the early stages of product development to design the complete end-to-end MIRROR experience, including the MIRROR display interface, companion mobile applications, web and ecommerce experience, fundraising materials, out-of-home advertising, admin and studio systems, and all the interactions in-between. Mirror is a complex, dynamic, highly-interactive hardware product, requiring a wide range of design support to bring to life. 

MIRROR was acquired by lululemon in 2020.

Milk Bar

As the iconic bakery was preparing to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Milk Bar approached me to redesign their entire digital experience from scratch. I worked with the whole Milk Bar team from marketing, to culinary, to operations to ensure the company had a solid digital footing as they embarked on their next decade as a fully modern e-commerce business. Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi gave me this brief for the project: “How can we create a grown-up website that celebrates the kid in all of us?”

Our work together resulted in a massive increase in conversion rate — leading to the single highest revenue day ever within days of launching the new experience.


I worked with the team at VICE to reimagine their flagship mobile experience. We started with research to understand how VICE fits into the daily lives of their audience, rapidly prototyped a set of divergent concepts, and iterated towards high-fidelity prototypes tested on real users. The result is a unified product experience that creates a personalized home for the company’s most engaged audience — all with a modernized design that’s uniquely VICE.


Hellosaurus is Sesame Street for the touchscreen generation. After leading product at HQ Trivia, James Ruben set out to bring the magic of interactive video to children’s education, and I worked with him to design the product from scratch to launch. The result is Hellosaurus: the first platform filled with shows that kids can actually play, not just watch.

I brought the Hellosaurus platform to life by designing and directing the core interactive parent/child experience, external marketing, fundraising materials, and the behind-the-scenes creator tools that power it all.